About Us

We are a humble small Edmonton based family that has collected and traded NHL hockey stickers since 1982.

One cold winter’s day back in November of 1982, dad brought home some 1982 O-Pee-Chee NHL sticker packages for us to open. We were immediately hooked and have never looked back.

Lake Beaumaris (used to have a shopping mall) used to hold a weekly Sunday Flea-Market. The deal was: go to church and then you get to go trade for stickers that you need to complete your album.

Mr. Johnsrude was set up at this market and used to trade stickers “10 for 1”. This strategy was “genius” as we were always able to finish our albums and Frank got a chance to build up his stock. Maybe a little lopsided trade for him, but it got our albums completed and Mr. Johnsrude’s stock increased exponentially.

Years later, we were fortunate enough to purchase what was left of the late great Mr. Johnsrude’s stock through his estate. Thanks for getting me started Frank!

Today the tradition continues. It’s taken over 12 years to develop this site as a labor of love.

We’ve finally brought the NHL Hockey Stickers to the world via the Internet through www.nhlhockeystickers.com

Search for your favorite player or complete those old albums.

Over 16,000 different stickers to choose from.

Over 1,000,000 total stickers in stock.

eBay seller id: nhlhockeystickers

Over 3100 positive feeback rating!

Over 99% positive feeback percentage.

(You can’t please everybody, but as you see we strive to get as close to perfect as possible.)

When it comes to stickers, if anyone has it, it will be us. Send us your want lists, take a trip down memory lane by searching our detailed stickers database or just email us to tell us your collecting story.

Let’s collect hockey stickers together!